Why Call A Car Mechanic If The Vehicle Is Running?

Every vehicle needs to go to a car mechanic at some point. It might seem strange to take a car to a shop if it's still running. There are plenty of reasons to take a functioning car to a mechanic, but here are the big four.

Used Purchase

If you're buying a car used, it's prudent to have a mechanic check it out before you buy. They can check for signs of deterioration in the frame that might not cost you money today but could torpedo your checkbook in a couple of years. Likewise, a car mechanic can verify that the safety systems are working in good order.

Taking a used car to a mechanic before you commit to buying it is a good way to be sure about the purchase. This is especially true if the vehicle hasn't been inspected in the last couple of months.

Check Engine Light

Modern cars are minor miracles in their ability to keep running even as key components fail. However, it's never a good idea to just keep driving a car as long as it runs if the check engine light is on. Even if the light signals a minor problem like a failed sensor, fixing it is still wise. A buggy sensor or damaged relay can keep the car's computer from getting good readings. This forces it into a limp mode where it may run less efficiently.

Also, the check engine light could be a sign that something major is wrong. Even if the car seems to be getting by in limp mode, parts inside the engine or transmission could be failing. You don't want to wait until the motor refuses to turn over to take the vehicle to an auto mechanic.


Tuning a car's performance can make a noticeable difference. Something as simple as a dirty sparkplug can cost you several miles per gallon of gasoline. If you drive very much, the expense can quickly exceed the cost of a tune-up. Especially if you notice that your car seems to be consuming more fuel, you might want to ask a mechanic to tune its engine.

Basic Maintenance

Dealing with the small things now often means avoiding bigger problems down the road. Simple tasks like changing the air and oil filters can keep the car running more smoothly. If the motor is running efficiently, it'll experience less wear and tear. Over the years, the savings will accumulate.

For more information, visit an auto mechanic.