Signs That Your Engine Needs Repair

Your vehicle's engine is the heart of the car. It's responsible for powering everything from the radio to the wheels. As such, engine repair is one of the most important types of vehicle maintenance you can undertake. But how do you know when it's time for a repair? Here are some of the telltale signs you should look out for and why it's essential to address engine issues early. Warning Lights Read More 

Why Call A Car Mechanic If The Vehicle Is Running?

Every vehicle needs to go to a car mechanic at some point. It might seem strange to take a car to a shop if it's still running. There are plenty of reasons to take a functioning car to a mechanic, but here are the big four. Used Purchase If you're buying a car used, it's prudent to have a mechanic check it out before you buy. They can check for signs of deterioration in the frame that might not cost you money today but could torpedo your checkbook in a couple of years. Read More